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Thread: Pheasant terrorises village . . . .

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    Pheasant terrorises village . . . .

    Made me chuckle!

    like one comment says...."have boot will travel"...except subsitute for "gun"

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    He sounds like he's eventually going to try it on with someone who has a slow cooker!

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    Whatever next...

    I have no doubts that this is true just feel it has been given a slightly exaggerated media edge...


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    my father in law (gamekeeper) had a cock pheasant that every morning waited for him at his cottage and sometimes would just follow back upto the pens at feeding time and sometimes attack the legs was tolerated as a novelty...but ithink he ended up in the bag.(the pheasant)

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    We used to have an old cockeral who would attack anyone who dared to enter the yard postman was often seen heading down the lane flailing his arms wildly at this mad chicken
    He earned the nickname of Lenin, from my mate who always said he'ed end up with his axe stuck in the chickens head, hence Lenin

    Sadly he tried it on once to often and the fox had him away

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