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Thread: Scandinavia Firearms Laws - Can you help?

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    Scandinavia Firearms Laws - Can you help?

    Good Morning All! As some of you may be aware I'm launching a new firearm and hunting online auction website for the UK hunting and shooting market in July at the CLA Game Fair called GunBid. The site is being finalised at the minute and from the interest I've had on my Facebook page ( ) it looks like it is something like minded people are interested in.

    But my question is this...does anyone have any knowledge of the laws and firearms regulations for Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark? The reason I ask is that they are very hunting orientated nations and bringing together likeminded people from different nations can only be a good thing. I have a lot of knowledge with UK and German law but that is my limit unfortunately.

    It would be great if anyone with any knowledge of the rules and regualtions in these countries who could even just give me a steer in the right direction I can then research further

    Thank you in advance!

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    The gun laws here in Denmark are quite complicated.

    You can buy a shotgun if you've passed your hunting test (both theory and a practical test on clays), or if you are a member of a clay shooting club. These must be registered with the police-

    Rifles can be bought by hunters too, but they've got to pass a rifle shooting test (I believe it's five shots within 20cm at 100 metres) before they can hunt with them. Members of rifle clubs can of course also purchase rifles.

    Hunters may use semi-autos, but their magazines must be restricted to two shot capacity, and permanently attached to the weapon if they are to be used for hunting in Denmark. There is no restriction as to capacity for weapons used for hunting abroad, but it can be difficult to obtain permits for these.

    If you want to shoot pistols you have to join a pistol club and shoot with club weapons for two years before you can apply for permission to buy your own. Though you may buy one through the club beforehand, and store it at the club if the club foreman agrees.

    All firearms apart from air weapons of .177 calibre or under are subject to registration (this is free for airguns and shotguns).

    Rifle permits cost 840k (about 90 quid) for the first gun, and 420 for each additional rifle.

    You can also obtain your permit through a shooting club, in which case they cost 200kr per gun.

    If you want to reload you will need an additional permit.

    Breechloading weapons with a model or manufacture date before 1892 can be held on a collectors permit, but no ammunition may be held for any weapons held as collectors items. There is no limit on the number of weapons which can be held on a collectors permit. Unlike normal rifle permits where you have a permit for each rifle.

    Original muzzle loaders (pre-1870) can be held without restriction, but modern copies require a licence.

    Air weapons of .177 calibre are at present free of restriction for those over 18.

    CO2 weapons, which are not Paintball or airsoft weapons require a licence.

    I think that about covers the basics.

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    Hi Tartan, Thank You for your reply, that was really useful!

    I have a question leading on from that...once you have all the necessary permits etc, how much freedom do people have to buy and sell weapons Can they do it together or does it have to be through a firearms dealer? What I mean by this is, can two people buy and sell a weapon leagally and then inform the relevant regulation body? I hope that makes sense? I'm trying to figure out if a person bought a weapon online, i.e. my website, is that legal as long as the physical transaction of the weapon was in person or via a dealer?

    Thanks, Tom

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    You can buy and sell without having to involve any dealers as long as the paperwork is in order. A dealer will be able to sort the paperwork out much quicker though.

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    That's great thank you! That's exactly what I needed to know

    Does anyone know if this is the same for the other countries?

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    Mostly the same here in Norway. Another restriction is that for hunting weapons that there is only allowed to have 6 weapons.Modular rifles (Blaser etc) only count as one weapon on ticket even though it has multiple barrels. No problem to sell privately. Fees roughly the same.

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    Again that's great thank you!

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    Google translate this web site Jaktvapen - Lagar och regler -
    tells you all you want to know about the swedish gun laws.

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    In Finland you need a license to purchase firearm (new license each time). Purchasing license enables you to also import, but since all foreign authorities are not satisfied you can have police write a separate document that certifies the ability to import (this is granted automatically but costs more).

    It doesn't matter if you buy from dealer or individual, process is the same. Though a dealer can buy firearms just by adding them to his inventory, so some sellers may prefer a dealer to have a faster process.

    Magazines and scopes are not under a license, moderators and ammunition can be bought without notifying authorities provided you have a firearms license. In case of ammunition, you'd need to be able to possess (e.g. loan) a firearm where the ammunition could be used. Basically you cannot purchase rifle ammo with only shotgun license (also handguns would be different class but since there's a lot of pistol caliber rifles, a rifle license is enough). Some ammunition is quite strictly regulated, but this should be same for all EU countries (armor piercing, handgun expanding etc.)

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