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Thread: Sellier & Bellot ammunition

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    Sellier & Bellot ammunition

    Anyone used this Czech ammo in centrefire? If so what did you think of it?

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    Not lately, but did for many years back in the 70's to good effect and was very popular with my Continental cousins and is still used by a lot of them now.

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    I use the .308 FMJ when i shoot down the running moose range. Shoots well and is cheap. Will be buying another 1000 for this years practice.

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    It's not bad and cheap. I use it in 7x64 and .30-06 and my dad in 8x57JS. Works well on boar.


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    I've used the 50 grain SP bullets in .224 for reloading, good quality stuff.

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    Thanks. Just wondered as you don't see so much of it in the gun shops, if at all. I've used some of their 7x54R military rounds and they seemed fine, but haven't tried any of the commercial rounds except a few 7mm Mauser cartidges a good few years ago.

    In .243 they do a 100gr soft point and in .270 a 150gr soft point along with many other calibres...just wondered if they've been used in the UK.

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    I brought some S&B 196 Grn SPCE in 8x57JS and it shoots with quite acceptable accuracy and then I got some bullets of the 196 Grn SPCE for handloading. The trouble would appear to be the importer who seem pretty useless.

    Pity as the S&B ammunition seem to be effective but getting more seems to be nigh on impossible.

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    The problem with Importing as a business is that you need a permit for each manufacturer/calibre. This costs. Hence the classic vertical distribution model.

    Easy to get a supplier to authorise you as their sole importer (which is what any business would do) but you ain't going to pay for permits that are not in great demand.

    No supply = no demand. People start to do things and quickly drop the issue.

    That's why you tend to find RFD with a few boxes of stuff that hasn't shifted in a decade.

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    It is really good stuff. Used it in 303 and also 9mm. I liked their shot gun cartridges too. But as you say Edgar Brothers seem to have almost neglected it of late. Many of the excellent paper cased S & B shot gun cartridges don't seem to be imported here.

    As to performace I'd rate it as less accurate than good quality South African PMP made 303. About the same as standard British recent military 303 and far far better than the Greek HXP 303 which was quite frankly rubbish.

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    About the same as standard British recent military 303 and far far better than the Greek HXP 303 which was quite frankly rubbish.
    Hmmm I found HXP69 to be excellent the later stuff is nowhere as good. I went through two cases of the HXP69 then ended up with some HXP83 and I'll have to agree it's not as good by a long chalk

    I am also afraid that Edgar bros has gone decidely downhill. It seems there have been some changes at the top .

    Ahhhh smullery,

    I am sorry to say that Edgar bros are their own worst enemies the idiots in the South West that import Norma are even worse so I just go around them now if I need the stuff so they lose out. When I needed 9.3x57mm cases and they quoted stupid quantites and prices I got then direct from Sweden if I recall correctly Edgars quoted 132 per 100 for Remington Express 6mm rem cartridges and that was about 4 years ago. They also quoted a 6 month+ wait for some dies. I simply ordered them direct from the US and had them in 10 days..

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