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    Hi all I am a newbie to this site and have joined to learn some more about shooting and hunting.

    I have many guns some hunting some target.

    Calibres on ticket are 308w rifle, 9mm pistol calibre rifle, .22lr and 357magnum LBR.

    I shoot benchrest .22lr rifle competition and am on my way to my first Bisley final.

    My hunting is limited to rabbits, rats and shot gun feather quarry. Many years ago I was a YTS lad in the gun trade and have gone out with the staff to do a bit of foxing.

    One day would like to get into stalking but need to research this which is my main reason for joining.

    All the best Baldee.
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    Welcome to the site, there is a whole wealth of knowledge on tap here and one of the best sites where many members go out of their way to help others
    Enjoy, Wingy

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    We try our best to be welcoming BUT.... Please read the rules, specifically section 4)

    You had a PM on joining alerting you to this...

    • Post Count Boosting - Posting one word posts like "nice" or "welcome" 30 times in order to get your post count up to 30 will be seen as evasion. These posts will be removed and your account may be suspended.

    All 30+ "welcome to you" posts removed and excluded from Classifieds for 3 months.
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