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Thread: whats the advantages

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    whats the advantages

    as above really ive shot factory ammo in my tikka 595 243 for a few years now with good affect i 100 % sure of shooting 1" groups out to 200 yards with bog standard facory ammo currently using 95 grain winchester silver tips is it really worth investing in all the gear as i only shoot 20 or so roe and a few reds per year plus the same amount of foxes and a odd crow my mate does alot of reloading and for his 223 and is right into it but then he goes and fires 100 bullets at a wk end at targets i was only thinking that i might be able to get better accuracy and produce good rounds cheaper than factory stuff any advice and or recipes for the above gun would be greatly appriciated cheers Brian

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    If you are only going to reload to save money it depends on how many rounds you loose off each year. I reckon that you can reload for between 60-100pence per round(taking into account the cost of reloading gear) So if you only go through a few boxes of ammo per year then stick with the factory stuff.

    Reloading good fun though plus you end up practising on the range more, so that can't be bad.


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    and the more rounds you fire the faster your bore wares out so those cheep loads cost you more as you have to get your gun rebarreled hear its very good fun but i would probaly blow myself up so factorey rounds for me naw give it a go im going to you can always sell the gear of if you dont like it. you purchase the best reloading gear out there and il purchase it of you for half price if you dont like it

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    If you can get the ammo regularly, don't bother. But I was using federal 140gn 6.5x55 powershoks and could not find any in Worcs, Gloucs or Hereford. So I decided to reload, there is also the benefit of creating what your rifle likes best. It can be done, honest

    You can buy flies from a shop that will catch you salmon, but catching one on a fly you have tied yourself is priceless. Same as loading your own.

    RWS 140 Hollowpoints at 1.80 a bang (all I could buy last time).

    My reloads, Hornady SST 129gn, Lapua Brass, Federal Match LR Primer and 45.5gn of N160 works out at about 80p a throw. Big difference when I am asked to shoot foxes before deer on some of my permissions.

    It starts to make more sense when i go from 1" groups with RWS, 3/4" with Federals, to a ragged hole with homeloads at 100yds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith
    and the more rounds you fire the faster your bore wares out so those cheep loads cost you more as you have to get your gun rebarreled hear its very good fun but i would probaly blow myself up so factorey rounds for me naw give it a go im going to you can always sell the gear of if you dont like it. you purchase the best reloading gear out there and il purchase it of you for half price if you dont like it
    Hmmm wraith I wonder about that as the only rifles that I have ever seen with really and truely worn bores were an old P-H P-14 conversion for target shooting that the throat was washed out from many thousands rpunds of cordite loaded .303 service ammunition. I finally scrapped it after it would no longer hold the bull of a Bisley 200 yard target the other was a BSA CF2 in 22-250 and I picked it up cheap to build a project out of but it came with some Federal 55 Grn factory SP ammo so of course I tried it out on the range and found it would shoot in under MOA quite comfortably so it never got re-barreled.

    Once the accuracy started to go over MOA more often it was traded off and it went to do fox control on a local free range egg farm if the NRA had not banned the use of 22-250 on the ranges there for being too fast I would have kept it longer.

    The final one is a .270 Winchester BSA Monarch that had obviously been a fox rifle or a FC rangers rifle. It had no bluing left on the barrel from being held in a vehicle and the throat is visably worn even to the naked eye. The stock is beaten up and as it turned out the bore was quite heavily fouled. A good cleaning with nitro and copper solvent got a lot of fouling out and the throat wear was not as bad as it first seemed and a trip to the range with some handloads made up for another .270 rifle produced groups of MOA. Careful handloads tailored to this rifle would most likely tighten the grouping up. I had considered re-barreling this rifle as it only cost me 25 but it will have to go to make room for a Majestic Featherweight that will be screwcut 1/2" UNF for a sound moderator. The Featherweight is 6ozs lighter than the Monarch and the bore is in better condition and is costing a whopping 75.

    I doubt I will ever shoot enough through any of them to actually wear them out and I shoot regularly at the range.

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    BH: I also have a hard time wearing out rifle barrels. ONLY on UK hunting sites do I see such a volume of questions/concerns about "shooting out" a barrel. On another site a fellow swore his .243 was shot out at 300 rounds.

    As to the original question: A man who doesn't need to reload isn't shooting enough! Or is pretty well heeled, as we say here. Look a few threads down the line at Lee Classic reloaders. They are cheap. Get one and try it. ~Muir

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    Barrel damage is more of a risk than 'shooting out' a barrel. My colleagues and I keep saying it, but people don't listen, take your effing moderator off the rifle and clean and lightly grease the muzzle and threads before putting it away. I am sick and tired of looking at expensive rifles with the crown and last couple of inches of rifling damaged by the moisture and burn gases from the moderators left on.
    None of my rifles are affected by POI change through removing a moderator.
    Making homeloads is fun and worthwhile. I love the simple and cheap Lee Classic Loader.

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    A lot has been said on this thread and others, and you may not shoot a lot of rounds each year but it can be addictive and rewarding
    You invest now and save for years, and get great satisfaction.
    Home loading is hobby in its self and it takes time and no distractions,
    The more you do he better and more confidant you become, and it does take time.
    Accuracy of the factory ammo is ok, it as to be the sell loads it but you will improve on it if you custom the loads to your rifle, important to note all rifles they like to be fed differently.
    You will start with loads of 10% of what the powder manufacture states in the manual and I use hodgdon h4350 for all my loads .243.270 & 30-06.
    Regards my .243 with 100gr nosler bullet heads I ended up with 38.2 grs h4350, I will trying Sierra Pro-hunters next which I expect could change the load.
    This was the sweet spot for my rifle but in another it is likely to be different
    There are a number guys on this site who will help you they did with me and you will not look back. If you need any further advice just get in touch.
    You can go to into great depths with home loading but there are several basic steps golden rules that if followed will be more than enough.


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    Once you start reloading yourself as everyone will agree you will be addicted to finding your sweet load, and as my wife say,s "your off to the reloading room see you when you come to bed" if your only firing 60 -100 rounds a year and your grouping is ok in your eye's i would stick with that, but if you want to become an "addict" fire in it's very good and rewarding to shoot something that you loaded yourself, Wullie

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    thanks some intresting points the cost for me to start up is minimal as i have the chance to use my mates gear to start out with it seems that reloading could become a full time hobby which raises the problem of time which we all know is a four letter word and should be put on public access areas like this in this form t**e im still 50 /50 as to have a go as my rifle shoots better than me and as 90 %of all my stalking is done in woodland and most shots are taken well under 150 yards then facory seems to do the do but like some one said till you shoot with you own bullet it like a salmon with you own fly does seem to swing the decission a wee bit cheers for the help Brian

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