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Thread: Unequivocal Praise

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    Unequivocal Praise

    I hope I am posting this in the right part of the forum. I'm sure it will get moved if misplaced, in which case, I am sorry.

    I have recently had my rifle done by Jager SA, who you probably know is a member of this forum. The rifle got a new barrel and a ceracoat (hope that is the way you spell it) finish. The job done by Jager SA was top notch and the price good value. I am very very pleased. He is a super nice chap and I hereby wish to thank him and recommend his services to other forum members.

    Whilst I am at it, on another rifle I had an issue with completely buggered up mounts - it's a long story but whoever had the gun before did a great job. Anyway I wanted to replaces these mounts with Recknagel products sold by Alan Rhone. Because of what had been done previously I could not get the mounts Alan sent me to fit, although they were the correct ones for the rifle. Alan was exceedingly helpful and offered to fit the mounts in his workshop. The service I received was top notch, the Recknagel mounts are exceptional. A big recommendation from me

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    Couldn't agree more with the comments above regarding James and Allan Rhone.

    I helped a mate set up a rifle yesterday with Recknagel mounts Allan had sent him and they are a very well made product which along with the Aimsport Mods he sells I have used for a while now.

    Ive dealt with both the above a few times over the last year or so and would also recommend their services unreservedly....

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    James has my .243 and .308 at the moment for a shorten job and I decided to get them coated while there, so wait with baited breath. Gotta say though what a nice fella he is and for the price quoted it was a no brainer. Collecting them tmoro so will get pics up when they are back,


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