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    hi just wanted to know if anyone on the site knows of any swazi clothing suppliers in the uk, thanks, the scudd

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    hi scudd

    i bought the hooded fleece from ray mears website very impressed good quality nice and warm!!!
    Know they sell the jacket as well but not sure what else..

    ATB Steve

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    Just watch there's a lot of copy's out there, look the part and act like a sponge so i have heard, and if it's going cheap would pass.

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    Buy direct from Swazis' website.

    you will have to pay the vat probably but, still cheaper than anywhere else and they do some internet specials.


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    Contact HIS Inverness and you can buy some Nomad stuff at a good price. They are close to the nomad own designs but have been specially made for this shop.

    Plus 4's
    Hooded hill jacket
    Hooded quad jacket

    I got a nomad hill jacket and trousers for 293

    Normal price would have been closer to 460

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    Tamarack Outdoors in Preston used to be the UK Distributor for Swazi but they stopped importing it because it was too expensive to buy wholesale. This was a couple of years ago so they probably cleared out all their stock by now.

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    Buy Swazi direct from NZ. I bought my second lot before the winter the 4x4 trousers are excellent. Don't over dress in swazi it can get very warm wearing it.

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