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Thread: Reloading gear for sale

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    Reloading gear for sale

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    Reloading gear,
    Everything you need to get up and running with top quality gear. This gear will last you a lifetime. plus has everything you need. You wont need to buy anything else
    All working and in excellent condition.
    10-10 RCBS Scales
    Rockchucker press
    RCBS 22-250 dies with shell holder
    Lee Collet .204 ruger dies with shell holder
    Case lube
    case lube pad
    ammo tray holder,
    Lee priming tool with No's 2 & 4 shell holders
    Lee reloading book,
    ABC reloading book,
    Flash hole deburrer tool,
    Powder pocket tool
    Champher tool
    Kinetic hammer.
    Small funnel for .204
    medium funnel for .22-250
    Powder trickler
    Ammo box holder.

    Ill try and sell the whole lot before splitting

    350 posted UK
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    Hiya if you do slplit can I have 1st on the lee reloading book please bazil

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    I would be interested in the 10-10's, if the price is right and you have the cover.

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    Hi, yes the scales have the cover.

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    If you do split I'd be interested in:
    priming tool
    case lube
    lube pad
    medium funnel

    let me know of prices if you decide to split,

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    Quote Originally Posted by easypeasy View Post
    Hi, yes the scales have the cover.
    Cool, give me first dibs if you split then please. Cheers

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    If you split i would like .204 dies, small .204 funnel, ammo tray, ammo box, and lee re-loading book please.

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