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Thread: My favourite shooting app (at the moment)

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    My favourite shooting app (at the moment)

    Just thought that you should try 'Clay Hunt' if your interested.
    My top score on Arcade mode (which is a never ending flush) having got all the upgrades is 435
    It can get very manic
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    I just deleted deer hunter as I was ready to smash my phone after getting to region 8 it became silly

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    I just downloaded the update yesterday. There was an 11th region in there, and there have since been two hidden regions. Playing that on the Tube is seriously slowing down my progress through Homer's Iliad. Luckily you run out of energy after ten gos so it does have a built-in time-wasting-limiter.

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    Looks like a blast. Enjoying Deerhunter 2014 at the mo
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    Homer wrote a book? Bet Marge was happy.....
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    So bored of Deer hunter now, level 60, all regions done inc 2 hidden 783 gold 5.7 million in bank, all the weapons upgrades, time me thinks for 'Clay hunt'

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    How old are you lot with big jessy games on your phones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    How old are you lot with big jessy games on your phones!
    Old enough to be able to sit up late and bathe ourselves but young enough to still beable to work our phones or not have a seperate day sack for it lol

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    i think ill stick to me cod 4
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    i think ill stick to me cod 4
    Ghosts is waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better lol

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