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    hi , what is the difference between a 7x57 and a 7mm-08. 1 of theses might be my next new toy. and which would be the better for deer. i'm only after opinions on the above please. im not interested in any other calibres....thanks.

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    The deer won't notice the difference. At any sensible ranges on any animal you shoot in the UK there will be no difference apart from personal preference and "anorak factor". The rifle would be the determining factor for me. If you can get a nice package in either, go for it!

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    They're near as damnit the same thing, but I think that you can use heavier bullets more easily in the 7x57. What do you have on your shopping lost?

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    seen a second hand 7x57. all wood right to the barrel end . but i'm. not sure if i want 1 like this i like to see the barrel. i think it looks a bit old fashion. but its in a nice condition and i can try before i buy. think its an international something or other.

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    A Ruger International stutzen/fullstock perhaps? If you buy a stutzen, you join the side of the angels. The 7x57 and 7mm-08 are great in a short barreled rifle and fullstocked rifles handle beautifully. When you try it, don't just shoot it prone, bring it into the shoulder like a shotgun, see how it fits. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised! I have a Steyr-Mannlicher one in 7mm-08 and I honestly don't see why I'd ever change it.

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    In modern rifles, there is no difference. They both will drive a 120-gr bullet at close to 3,000 fps, a 140-gr at 2,800 FPS, a 150-gr at 2,650 FPS.
    The 7x57mm is short enough to run through a shorter action Mauser or even a Remington Model 7 when using lighter bullets.
    The 7mm-08 is a true short action cartridge, based off the .308 Winchester, and is loaded to high pressures, like the .308 is.

    In an older 1893, 1894 Mauser, you need to keep the pressures down to 49,000 PSI.
    The 7x57R is the rimmed version, for break action guns, and should also be kept to 49,000 PSI.

    European standards ( C.I.P.) are for modern rifles and at higher pressures.
    USA standards ( SAAMI ) are lower, assuming a lot of older rifles,

    7x57mm Max pressure (C.I.P.) 3900 BAR 390.00 MPa (56,565 psi)
    7x57mm Max pressure (SAAMI) 3500 BAR 351.63 MPa (51,000 psi) 46,000 CUP

    7X57R Max pressure (C.I.P.) 3400 bar = 49312 psi
    7x57R Max Pressure (SAAMI ) 3200 bar = 46,000 psi

    7mm-08 Max pressure ( SAAMI ) 52,000 CUP.

    So the factory loads wring about all the velocity you can expect from a 7mm-08.
    The 7x57mm needs handloading to reach full potential with the wide selection of 7mm bullets available.

    Another thing to consider is twist rate. Because of so much ammunition being loaded to accommodate older rifles, it is not only the pressure, but they load heavier bullets as the original rifles used, so the twist rate may be 8.66 to 1 or 9:1, for 175-gr and 160-gr bullets. Most 7mm-08 rifles will be 1:10, which works well for 120 through 154 grains. So think about how you will use it, what game, what distance, what bullets you need.

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    is there plenty of ammo for the 7x57. i will be reloading after i get some brass. i was told that the rifle has the twist rate for the heavier bullets.
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    140gr will be just fine and shoot real swell. 7mm bullets are everywhere, brass is plentiful for 7x57. I have never found it difficult to locate factory ammo. Plenty of tinker potential if that is what you need.

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    Some Ruger M77 Internationals can be tempermental. Others shoot like a house afire. I had a .270 like that which loved 150 gr bullets.
    The Rugers in 7x57 seem to shoot well, whether No. 1-A single shot or the RSI carbine.

    The Ruger barrel is only 18.5 inches, while the Steyr, Heym, and Sauer carbines will be 20 inches, but don't worry about a few FPS. The main thing is the accuracy and how it feels to you. As Pine Marten says, the 7mm-08 and 7x57 are very efficient cartridges, and do well in short barrels. One thing I like about the Ruger M77 is the open sights, very nice and functional. The rear leaf is on an island and folds down out of the way of brush or the scope. The front bead can be slid out and replaced with round or flat beads, brass or ivory, or a flat blade, and of different heights. The mounting bases are machined into the receiver, and Ruger rings are nice. Warne makes quick detachable rings which let you take off the scope and hunt with iron sights, which is truly a joy to carry and shoot.

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    looks like its going to be the 7x57 then . just been on gun trader and seen a few ruger m77 ,,,,i like the look better than the all wood 1 that ive seen .

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