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Thread: s/h gun prices

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    s/h gun prices

    I have been looking for a semi auto & a couple of u/o truck guns for this years crop control pests etc..& the prices are silly..

    last year i could get a semi, as new for 250/300 a real gem , something with a bit of street cred , beretta, later franchi etc etc..

    so i been down to a few gun stores, to find a bargain......seems there loads of old 3 series berettas & remmy there , franchis 2 a penny..etc old trade ins, with a few knocks & bangs .as im a field shooter, crops & pests , a truck gun does me, nowt fancy to show off ill clear the shop trade ins 60-100 ers.. do me.

    since the euro - went silly, the guns went up too....wernt they already in the market place !

    why the increase ?

    Thers are more guns for sale now than ever beore, is not like theres a shortage..anything but ..

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    Mr you,

    How about no one buying new guns and the burden of the income now has to fall upon the unfashionable guns of before?


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    dunno baffles me , as to why there so expensive , & doubled in price..... local shop got a load of trade ins , battered, scruffy 3's & b80's , some remmy's too....bruised wood & bit mottled ..they'll do me 50-100 each deep joy. im made up.

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