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Thread: Blade Shortening ?

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    Blade Shortening ?

    I own a nice custom built sheath knife with a 5" blade which I would like shortening to approximentally 3.75" and re-honing.

    Does anyone know who could do that for me please ?
    A leather sheath to suit would also be a bonus !

    Many thanks.

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    you live in Sheffield you should be surrounded by people who can

    But Ian (longstrider ) will do a good job

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    Longstrider is an excellent suggestion, but if you're in Sheffield you could also drop a message to Stuart Mitchell (Home) - he's a member of this Site so you can PM him. My guess is that he'd also know of people to do the job.

    For the sheath, you might try Dougster on here, as I can certainly vouch for his leatherwork. You can also find plenty of people on BritishBlades, such as Ian Atkinson (Leodis Leather Gallery)
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