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Thread: Just waiting for first light.

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    Just waiting for first light.

    Had absolutely no joy in the evenings and haven't as much as seen a buck for the last couple of weeks. Knocking off the night shift early and heading out for a rake about. I know there's plenty around but it's been a case of wrong time, wrong place.
    Here's hoping but there's usually plenty to see. Great time of the day.

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    Hope you had good luck phit.
    Atb Tom

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    Cheers Tom but wrong time wrong place again. Walked out in the dark at the back of 3 to a good vantage point. Sat for a good 1 1/2 hrs but wind changed. Walked up another bit, bumped 2 does within touching distance almost. Still no bucks and no foxes either.

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    On the contrary. I have been seeing bucks, morning, noon and night on all or most stalks I have been on in the last few weeks.

    This is one from last night.

    Although as you can see from the photo I had my video camera and tripod with me, I did not manage to get this one on film. He was not standing still for long enough. He was invading a massive bucks territory, he was constantly on the move and did not settle.

    In the same field on Saturday night my stepdad and I saw a monster buck fraying every tree, shrub and bush in sight, he was the one I was after last night but this little 5 point fellow fell to the 130 grain Hornady Interlock shot from my 270 Win Tikka T3 Lite.

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