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Thread: Urban Deer Awarness Day

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    Urban Deer Awarness Day

    All who will be attending the UDAD will need to take suitable clothes for the afternoon session which will be out side. I have been told the weather will be good that day but lets not count on it. It has not stopped raining for weeks now and the ground is soaking. There are cattle in the fields at the moment so expect what they leave behind to be everywhere

    A good pair of wellies will be the order of the day and a pack a mac lol.

    Strictly No guns to be brought to the event everything will be supplied .

    Can we also leave the Camouflage Clothes at home please.

    All food and drink will be provided.

    Any one with special dietary needs will need to supply there own lunch.

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    Where When?????? Must have missed this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger 65 View Post
    Where When?????? Must have missed this one.
    Hi pal
    Davie advertised it a few months ago but wasn't long before it was full as I think there were only 20 places available,

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    Jimmy we have now opened it up to 40 but I think we have made a mistake and there are now 48 registered. Should be busy better get the veni burgers made quick lol.

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    Dont worry davie I plan on being first in line for a feed pal

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    Looking forward to it Davie,hope the weather holds out for us.

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    is it a cheesy venison burger though and if so with there be a blue stilton option

    ...these are the important questions

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    There will be KiT KATS Paul and if any one asks craft cheese slice for on the Veni dog

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    craft cheese slice .... wouldn't even do that to Andrew


    no actually I would
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    Davie pal I'm just doing my packing for the trip north, ive got my passport ready for the new border control "just in case they've been set up earlier that back end of year."
    but my main question is "as you say no cammo" would it be ok to wear my tweads ?

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