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Thread: DSC1 Help Please, Questions

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    DSC1 Help Please, Questions


    I am doing my dsc1 in March I've read several stalking books and I've just downloaded the question sheet for the dsc1 does anyone have an answer sheet for the question so I can check that I am getting them right save me looking up the books or has anyone got a cd called deer quest I've done a bit of searching for the cd but cant find it.



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    the deer quest CD is now out of date as the legislation has changed since then. if you do the sheet and send me them via email i will mark them and send them back

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    Wherever you are "doing your DSC 1" should have provided you with THEIR manual when you booked and PAID for your course.

    Subtle differences between the various organisations with regard to their padding but the core is the same.

    All the answers are in the "meat" element of the manual, not appended to the question bank.

    Learn the open seasons for the various species, it isn't difficult.

    IGNORE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH N. IRELAND (unless you are sitting there)

    Note, the meat hygiene part is all down to your judgement on the situation presented in the question. All answers fall into only four categories.

    1. Safe to go into food chain.

    2. Safe to go into food chain, but have doubts so notify game dealer.

    3. Not safe to go into food chain.


    They tend to be a bit fuzzy but are easy enough to select one of the above.


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