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Thread: Kydex sheet

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    Kydex sheet

    Hi guys
    Does anyone know where I can buy 4 or 6mm thick kydex sheet from. Making a adjustable cheek rest and need a piece about 250mm square.
    Cheers, Neil.

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    I bought my last sheet from the bay of evil, Neil.

    I'm afraid that I don't have a link to the seller any more.


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    I got an A4 sized sheet off ebay last week for the same job

    KYDEX T SHEET 297 X 210 X 3MM A4 SIZE (P-1 HAIRCELL BLACK 52000) | eBay

    only 3mm but think they have more

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    Cheers George. Yorkshire, do you think the 3mm is strong enough ?.

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    It seems to be. I don't have it set really high though so there's still quite a lot of contact with the stock, that might stiffen it up a bit

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    Thanks for that Yorkshire.

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    Believe Robert Horne Paper merchants stock it.

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