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Thread: blaser r93 308 magazine!

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    blaser r93 308 magazine!

    As above,i'm looking for a blaser r93 308 magazine if anyone has one for sale!!

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    Try Ian Mulliner of Mulliners Guns, he has some and I think they are around 70 subject to discussion !!
    Just out of imterest, is this for a spare ?
    I have just ordered a new barrel and am told that all the Blaser barrels come with a magazine insert as standard, from the factory, for the calibre of barrel.

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    I recently went to the dark side and purchased a Blaser r93 in 6.5x55, had a spare slot on my ticket for a 308 so rather than buy another rifle i'll get a 308 barrel.i found one with a jetz mod so purchased that second hand,i just figured out i now need a mag for the 308 so here i am on the lookout for one,sods law!!

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    308 will work ok with your 6.5 mag no problem

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    Check the side of the magazine, it will tell you all the calibres that that magazine is compatible with.

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    nope 308 ain't compatible with the 6.5x55 so i'm still looking!!

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    I used a 25-06 mag with .308, let me load the rounds longer, try it, you might be surprised!

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    Try Andersons gun shop in East Grinstead, they had drawer full of spares.
    Kind Regards

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    My father uses the 6.5 mag for 243 no problem with it at all

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    I think i've got one here spare i'll have a look and let you know.

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