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Thread: Ride clearing?

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    Ride clearing?

    The small wood which I stalk (mainly high seat) in has rides which have become quite overgrown.
    the brambles to either side are encroaching on the ride and the rides have shrunk in width to approx 1.5m. The grass on the rides has also grown quite high.

    in the wood here is a resident population of muntjac with fallow and roe which occasionally use the wood but don't seem to live there as a rule.

    recently I have not been seeing many (if any) deer using the rides, although I'm sure they're still in there.

    do you think I will see more deer using the rides if they are widened a bit and the grass cut?

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    The rides on the estate I stalk are usually cut once or twice a year but in one particular wood the old keeper kept them better than my lawn and boy do the deer use them for sweet grazing mainly fallow mind you. summer evenings does and fawns would always be seen munching away .the mowing would take some time though with tractor and deck mower but the wood always looks a treat and the best wood for deer in nearly 2000acres of woodland .

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    When I shared a wood I brush cut the rides back each year.
    At the very least , as norma 308 says, it made it look a treat

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    Ask him if he wants them cut. I could get down there with my tractor and 'Whoppa Choppa' and clear pretty much anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Ask him if he wants them cut. I could get down there with my tractor and 'Whoppa Choppa' and clear pretty much anything!
    Thanks for the offer ms, I'm meeting up with him for a chat this morning after stalking so will see what he wants to do about it. (Pretty sure he will want to do it himself tho as I offered help last and and he didn't want any).

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    I think everything benefits from good rides, the woodland, the deer, the birds and also the plants. Luckily I have a tractor with a good topper and can do mine, but if you have no access to such machinery, a petrol strimmer and rake will get you there (eventually)

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    I have used highseats that have been positioned with rides fanning out from it like the spokes of a wheel. Works very well on the muntjac.

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    It is posts like this one I like on here as it is all about learning. I was interested in the question ,

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    have a walk with a petrol strimmer when your bored you will be suprised how much you get done in a morning and the sense of satisfaction when you look back at it,plus all the wildlife will thank you for it,

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