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Thread: 7x64 Steyr PH

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    7x64 Steyr PH

    I finally got to shoot my first round of factory ammo through my new Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter.
    I fired some with iron sights and got those figured out, using S&B 173-gr SPICE.

    Then I mounted a 3-9x40 Leupold VX3 with fine crosshair, and fired a 5 shot group of 0.70 inches at 100 meters.

    After wiping the bore, I fired another 5 shot group with Remington Core Lokt 175 grain ammo, for 0.625 inches.

    That tells me what I need to know to go load up some 175s.

    That is all the time I had, so next trip will be with 160-gr and 162-gr ammuntion by Norma and Hornady, then some Sierra handloads which shoot so well in other 7x64s.

    I will probably shoot some factory 150-gr Norma and 139-gr S&B for a quick check, but my handloads in those will wait for the third trip.

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    What are the Sierra homeloads please?

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    I got this load from a friend, and it works well in my other 7x64mm ( and I am almost finished building one).
    Start lower on both of them, as they are about 1 gr under max in some manuals.

    160 gr Sierra GK HP or SPBT, both very high BC. HP is a tougher bullet, for big game.
    56.0 gr VV N-160
    CCI-250 Primer
    OAL 3.30
    Remington brass ( less capacity )
    2,760 FPS 0.5 inch

    Last year, I stumbled upon some Speer 160-gr Grand Slam bullets on a close out, so I have worked up this load for them, so far, in my .280 Rem and my other 7x64:

    160 gr Speer SP
    53.0 gr IMR-4350
    Win LR primer
    OAL 3.36
    Remington brass ( less capacity )
    2,710 FPS 0.8 inch

    When I get a chance, I want to try some 4831, RL-17 and RL-19 with all three of these bullets, and see if I can get to 2,850 FPS and still have the accuracy.

    The 154-gr Hornady bullets are great, too... just now working on 7x57R loads.
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