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Thread: 90MOA elevation 24MOA windage!!

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    90MOA elevation 24MOA windage!!

    Been watching these chaps shoot a 2x2' steel at nearly 2 miles!!

    some cracking videos shooting a 338lm

    the 3km one just eluded him but only by a matter of inches

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    Very impressive!

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    Nice. What strikes me is the technique... you can see how loose his hand is... it's like he's hardly touching that rifle except for the tip of his trigger finger.

    Realise that's the goal but it does highlight the differences in technique between a fully supported rifle on a fully static target at long range and what we as stalkers do more often than not... propped against a tree, a gate post or sticks and on a target which is static/moving/static at shorter range. Not saying it's harder or easier before anyone jumps in... just significantly different!
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    I suppose you know you're proper long-range shooting when you have a 5 minute drive in the truck to get from the firing point to inspect your target!

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