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Thread: been scammed!!

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    been scammed!!

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    Did the advert have any pics? The outboards usually don't exist and/or they steal photos from other people's ads. This rang a bell, I remember reading something similar...

    Scam adverts on Boats Outboards - Page 2 - RIBnet Forums

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    You could try doing a land registry search to confirm who owns the property. (Land registry scotland). I use the English equivalent which costs around 5 per search.(non paying customers). If the person has mortgaged or remortgaged in the last 12 years it provides crucial information required for debt recovery or county court claim. Full names and dates of birth in the case of a joint mortgage. In the case of a small claim its dealt with in the defendants local court but at least if they don't defend the claim or lose the case you know where to send the bailiffs!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
    by the sounds of it its a ake adress, need to find a nice person that works for nat west that wants a bit of cash!! only have a name and bank details now!
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    Sounds like pure fraud to me which is surely punishable by law? If you have a name and a bank account, then surely the police should be obliged to act?
    If not, then it is hardly a surprise that there is so much of it going on! If they started treating it seriously and locking a few people up, then maybe it wouldn't happen so much.

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    Seems to me to be a criminal fraud if you've paid for something that didn't exist, you should ask to speak to a senior officer if your local Police are telling you otherwise.

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    Where abouts on Skye ? Name and shame !
    Not too far away from me, might know someone who knows !

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    As a recently retired cop I am astounded that the police are saying this is a civil matter! ( did you actually speak to a real cop and not some call center worker)

    Get back onto them as this is clearly a case of fraud and an easily solved one at that!

    Do not be fobbed off!

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