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Thread: CZ ZKM 452 STYLE

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    CZ ZKM 452 STYLE

    Has anybody had dealings with this rifle before I buy one? They come in 2 barrel lengths 16" and 20", I will be going for the 20" I think.


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    TJ can't help you with that particular model but I do have a 452 in American classic, they are just called American now but used to have the classic bit as well, but it transgressed someone else's name registration or some such thing. Anyway the 452 is the most accurate 22lr that I have ever shot. It has been responsible for more rabbit deaths than mixi!

    It is not overly fussed with ammo but I prefer the Eley subs, and have taken rabbits out to 110 yards with this combination. It feeds well and I fitted one of those Eric Brooks trigger kits, all it means is changing the spring really and a sleeve to use if you suffer with trigger creep. As a bonus it has a nice stock as well, it impressed me so much that since I got it I have bought 2 other CZ's. I really think that you cannot go wrong for the money.


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    great piece of kit

    My cousin Ben has got one. It has the the 16 inch barrell and with a moderator it is a great length. it shoots thumbnail sized groups all day long. it also likes eley subs.

    I would recomend it


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    I've got the American, L/H. It shoots great groups, and has the short barrel. Think how unwieldly the 20" would be once the mod is screwed on! (My first CZ had the longer barrel, it shot no better, but constantly twanged the branches overhead).

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    Like JayB I have the left-hand American. I've got a Meopta 7x50 and a SAK mod fitted to it. The gun is accurate, and very robust. It lives with me in a 4x4 or tractor cab for most of the year, and has accounted for several thousand head of vermin.

    Buy one - there's no better .22 available (unless you have Anschutz/Cooper money).

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    i have varmint heavy barrell 16" with sak mod and 3 - 9 x 50. fantastic.

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    CZ 452

    I sold my old bruno about 4 years ago to but a CZ 17HMR 16" Varmint
    I regreted it almost imediatly, The hmr is great but not a replacment for a 22. in a moment of madness i bought a custom ruger 1022 which i spent a fortune on it then swapped it for a 452 american LH fitted an eric brooks trigger bought a spare mag, Leopold VX2 and i am really pleased with it.
    I use the .22 early on when i'm lamping off a quad then i swap to the hmr if thbey get flighty. I wouldn't swap my CZs for any other rimfire.

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    I have an old Brno Mod 2, which I custom stocked ten years ago in .22rf - feels like a full bore rifle and very accurate with either RWS or Eley ammo. Previously it's bolt handle had been midified with a ball latch to keep the bolt handle closed. Barrel shortened to 16 inches

    Doesn't like american (CCI, Winchester or remington) ammo at all - doesn't feed, doesn't group, and with remington just blows back.

    Now that CZ have brought out a left handed model I am debating whether to change it for left handed version. But probably won't because there was a labour of love in stocking it.

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    Re: CZ ZKM 452 STYLE

    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock
    Has anybody had dealings with this rifle before I buy one? They come in 2 barrel lengths 16" and 20", I will be going for the 20" I think.

    Yes, I bought one of a member of this very site. And I'm very pleased with it. With Eley subs (Not yet tried anything else) it shoots very accurately. The "Style" offers exceptional value for money to.

    I think the synthetic stock will be ideal if your out in the rain, crawling about on the ground after bunnies etc. I just need a decent scope for it now....

    All the best.

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    I have the 16" in HMR and I have killed hundreds of rabbits over the last three years with it, and several foxes, dozens of squirrels
    As long as you keep the barrel and moderator clean of residue you will find it to be a tack driver at 100 yards.
    Probably the last rifle I would sell. I love

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