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Thread: HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking for advice on pups at night I picked up my cocker pup on monday and the nights have went like this .I should say this is my first pup and I am a big softy

    monday - put to bed at 11 already sleeping,she woke at 1 ,the books
    say if she whines do not take her out the cage,I lasted 10
    mins and went to get her, unfortunately she had wet the bed.
    I cleaned up and took her outside but she howled when put
    back in the cage ,so I took her into the living room and slept
    next to her cage , she settled very quickly .She again whined at
    4 so I took her straight out, she did her business then settled

    tuesday - woke up once ,was taken outside did her business then
    settled next to me again

    wednesday - we decided to let her whine when we put her in , she
    cried for 45 mins then fell asleep,I got her up at 5 for
    the toilet then played with her for 1 hour till she fell
    asleep in my arms

    thursday - total disaster she whined for 1 hour then fell asleep, she
    whined at 3 and when I went down she had sh*t in the
    crate,after cleaning up I put her in a travel crate and took her
    into the bedroom with me and the wife she slept till 7 when
    the wife got up for work

    What is the next step ,we take her out all the time and I can't have her whining all the time because the kids have school and my wife and i both work.As she is so young should I keep taking her into our room till she can control her bowel and bladder or am I making a rod for my own back .Any ideas and advice would be gratefully received . I forgot to mention we have a hot water bottle in with her and a ticking clock in the room


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    Hi Deerhunter

    It can be tough the first few weeks with a puppy. Remember however that she is a dog not a human. If she wines and you show up she will know that is the best way of getting your attention. So when she starts whining again go down to her and give her a firm no command and immediatly leave dont try to rationalise and comfort her.
    Dont worry too much about toilet training just put lots of old newspaper in the cage she will learn bladder control in her own time as she will try to avoid sleeping in her own crap.
    When you are ready to take her out give her lots of positive praise. You are the pack leader.
    PS whatever you do dont lose your temper just be firm and patient.


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    As said can be hard going with a new pup especially when you have the family to consider but you must not give in to the whining. A pup fresh away from his litter mates will feel lonely. A hot water bottle well wrapped in a cover can give a bit warmth and comfort. Also leaving a radio on at low volume can reassure him. A bone to chew on will also give him something to occupy himself.

    A mate always spends the first week of a new pup sleeping beside the pup but sometimes you are only putting off the nights of whining. Do not shout at him from upstairs in your room he will only think you are joining in. Do not let him out the cage - in his mind- I whine the boss lets me out so I'll keep whining. Plenty newspaper and let him dirty if he must but don't let him out.

    I always use the word "enough" and continue to use this command with the kennel dogs if they start to bark. If you really must go to him sharply command "enough" then leave. No petting, no soft talk, no food and no letting out. He won't fall out with you or hold it against you but will learn that when put in his cage no amount of noise will get him anything.

    I recently got a new pup but I am lucky that I have a house dog. I put the pup's cage next to the old dog and have never lost a wink of sleep.

    You will make a rod for your back if you take him into your room. That is what he will come to expect.

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    I agree exactly with what Gazza has said, you must not give in to the whining. and form of human contact while your pup is whining will mean that they get you attention..and it gets worse. trust me i made the same mistake (although he never came up to the bedroom). when i spoke to a few people they told me to ignore and within a week, he was quiet 9except for a minute or two).

    the radio on low is a good idea also. plenty of paper for it to pee ad poo on. jut leave it and clean up in the morning.

    Good luck!


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    you might also hav to remember
    some dogs just whine anyway
    if not craving for attention then just out of boredom or the fact they hav this insesent behaviour problem in thier genes
    cockers are good for this
    remember it is bred as a working dog and even as a pup it thinks it needs a little more, even thou it does not at this age
    or you may just be unlucky
    normally it takes around 10 days to a fortnight for most pups to settle in to a new surrounding and often upto 6 months of age into a set routine before they can hold thier bladder for the whole night
    some dogs are just naturally clean
    others just like to come back to familiar surrounding before they are happy to go to the toilet
    but whinging in a dog may never cease all through it's life
    unfortunately this does happen and in all breeds especialy working ones
    just be patient and work out a routine that suits both you and the pup
    ie start with breakfast at around 6-7 am then 10 min romp in garden to do it's biz as most dogs feed first then empty themselves but never try and exert the dog after feeding
    and from there work it out as 4 meals a day
    last meal around 8-9 pm
    and last romp in garden around midnight
    but what ever you do don't make the mistake of trying to tire the pup out with long walks or long bouts of exercise
    as this can cause cruchet problems before the pup has developed and also may cause a super fit dog which means extra unessecary exercise
    just to calm the dog down
    cockers of today are a little more active than they used to be
    they are not nicknamed the pocket rocket because they are docile
    good luck with the pup and future training
    kind regards

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    How's progress with the pup?

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    Hi Gazza we put her down at around 11.30 - 12.30 ,she whines for approx
    1/2 an hour then falls asleep ,wakes once during the night whines for 20 mins then drops off again wakes again around 5-5.30 when I usually crawl out off bed and let her out for a pee.She is a great pup during the day but the sooner she can control her bladder the better as I get a grumpy bast**d when I lose my sleep.Do you think I should keep going the way I am or leave her till I get up at 6.30 although I don't want to disturb the kids to much.Forgot to say when she wakes at 5-5.30 she usually whines till she hears the footsteps on the stairs then instantly stops,but she always does a pee when she is let out


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    There is no doubt that a pup can be hard work and can try your patience to the extreme especially where lack of sleep is concerned.
    I believe that if using a cage the pup has to be cage trained ie when put in the cage he/she has to learn to settle quietly. Your pup whines for 30 mins after being put in at night. I assume she has just been out for a pee so it is not that reason she is whining. It is just that she objects to being confined and left. Same goes for the during the night whining. She wakes up is a bit lonely and starts to whine. I don't just put my pup in the cage during the night or when I am out. At times I put him in there during the day with the command "bed" just so that I can teach him to be quiet/settle and learn that this is his place and that he will survive without my constant attention. If I teach him this during the day it saves the night whines.
    Not all may agree with my method but I buy a packet of cheap tennis type balls. He whines or barks a ball is launched at his cage obviously rattles off the bars backed up with the command "enough". Usually stops them very quickly and after a bit of peace and quiet and him settled I let him out with lots of praise. Beauty is if you watch when you launch the ball at the cage so that he is not looking he does not associate the rattle with you. The ball can be quickly replaced with solely the "enough" command.
    At present my pup sulks a bit when he is firstly put to bed but he is quiet and quickly settles and either chews his bone or sleeps. I have also started putting him out into what will be his kennel for a couple of hours each day.
    You are making good progress but you must not give in to the during the night whines. She will stop this soon as long as she gets no response. It is up to you when you want to get up but I would think that as she gets more used to things the 05.00 am start will get to your normal rising. time.

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    Cheers for that Gazza I will continue what I am doing and hope she is a quick learner.

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