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Thread: New gun or rifle and your duty to notify your Police force

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    New gun or rifle and your duty to notify your Police force

    I have always informed the Police by recorded delivery within 7 days of a new purchase of a rifle or shotgun. Most RFD's will give you a pre- completed form you simply sign and send off.
    I now purchased a new rifle (the slot on my FAC was previously granted) and my RFD insists I do NOT have to inform my Force, it is only the SELLER who has that duty.
    So who is right, who is wrong?

    I will cover my back by informing my Force anyway, but I am interested to find out if I really should.

    Thank you
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    With South Yorkshire, it's both the buyer and the seller who has to inform the firearms dept.

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    Yep, same with West Mercia.

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    I send them an email and request confirmation of receipt.
    Covers all the bases.
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    I double checked by checking my Certificate and you are legally bound to notify the Chief Officer of Police who issued your Certificate if you "purchase or acquire a firearm" under Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997

    Its on the Notes Section A on the back of my certificate

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    Last one I did, I printed the form from the internet, filled it in, took a picture of the completed form and emailed it to them. I then posted the form using normal first class post.

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    Always have done here too and when I lived in the Midlands

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    +1 , anything for an easy life, to be fair they allways put spare forms in any thing that they return to us so no complaints on that one ,only gripe is you have to double check everything as they have a funny habit of losing things?,doug,
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    Essex i email them stating xyz obtained /sold to/from cert info both mine and theirs etc & keep a copy on file on pc , i made my own form up they are happy so job done.

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