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Thread: Bucksdens re-introduction

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    Bucksdens re-introduction

    Just thought Iíd (re) introduce myself Ė Iíve been a member since 03 December 2006 but have decided to change my username (previously Bucksden). Iím a 38 year old male living in west berks, shoot R93ís in .243 and .308, have .22rf which doesnít get out enough and have a spare slot for a .223, which I may or may not obtain? I like Swarovski glass, Blaser rifles and the sound of the bullet strike. I shoot foxes, winged vermin and deer with my own reloads, and am a member of a small pheasant syndicate although I have to borrow my wifeís shotgun to shoot. I stalk on my own permission and also buy some overpriced days. I like seeing Muntjac but hate their smell, my main quarry is roe but I have the occasional fallow (Iíve just put a winch in the back of the truck for the really big ones). Iíve been stalking for 3 years or so, and itís the deer that I havenít shot that have made me a better stalker. I donít have DSC qualifications, but I do intend to take the assessments sometime, perhaps level 2 will follow, who knows? And I like taking the piss out of people with tikka rifles, especially the ones with a sako badge on them! this is one of my favourite hunting pictures, thats me with the R93!

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    Hi Gary (sevenP's?) Welcome to the forum

    Good write up for an introduction, You will see the light with tikkas, I can see that .223 slot being the proof.

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    Changing your name really isn't going to help


    P.S. now I know why you can't hit anything with the shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn
    P.S. now I know why you can't hit anything with the shotgun
    the reason i didnt hit anything was because nothing went over me! next time i will get myself in a position where i will get plenty of action - backgun!

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