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Thread: Warne PA scope rings?

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    Warne PA scope rings?

    Could someone advise, which Warne scope rings would suit a S & B 1" tube, 8 x 56 fitted to a Sauer 202 ? Medium or High. I did find one reference sometime this evening but can't seem to re-locate it !
    Thank you in advance.

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    56mm bells usually require a high mount unless you are mounting them very far forward on a very tapered barrel profile

    Warne Highs are usually between .525 and .580" from receiver to base of ring

    That will give you a centre line 26mm above the receiver (1/2" ring height and half the tube width)
    measure the outside diameter of the scope bell (likely to be 60+mm

    lay a ruler on edge on the top of the receiver and measure the drop from ruler to barrel at approximately the point where the scope bell starts to taper back into the tube
    ideally this should be around the area where the barrel tapers to give you more room

    you will need at least 5-6mm drop to accommodate a 62mm outer bell

    very small pic for some reason but you get the idea

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    Currently got high on my Remi bit high off the barrel but gave me a better check weld I'm not forcing my head down into the comb.

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    Got it thanks!

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