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Thread: Iceland

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    I am invited this summertime to stalk a reindeer in Iceland. Does anyone has experience with bringing a rifle into that country ? Anyone heard about possible problems or has anyone some experience with reindeer stalking ?
    Thanks for all tips/help.

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    I spent a good 18 months in Iceland working on subseas power cables and pipelines before the economy there went belly up. Unfortunately I never had a chance to stalk over there and can't advise on firearms BUT I did bring through my diving equipment which included some very big sharp nasty looking knives and I never had any problem with the security, very helpful and friendly people I don't expect you would have any problems as long as your paperwork is in order. Hope that helps a bit.


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    We went to Iceland at chrimbo but the frozen party food wasn't all that good

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    He he lol.

    Yes when you get to Iceland make sure you put a bullet through that fat cow Katona...



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    Eh !Eh!, What's that?, summat wrong wiv Cantonah! 8)

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    Shouldn't imagine it would be a problem, the rest of Scandinavia is good.
    Have stalked Reindeer in Norway, excellent fun, be prepared to walk

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    Hunted Forest Rheindeer in Finland, and am going again this year. Not easy to take a good bull, and as mentioned be prepared to walk.

    Best of luck


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    Thanks guys.
    Hope to post some pictures this summertime.

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    So long as you tell Kerry Katona to keep her bikini top on photos would be good 8)

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    Would you have info to share regarding hunting in Finland ?
    Best regards,

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