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Thread: Bad Result.

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    Bad Result.

    Went to zero my Tikka today after getting it screw cut....first 2 rounds missed the target at 100m, checked the Northstar moderator - to find a ding in the end! Thought the mod might have worked loose, so screwed it tight before trying 2 shots at 50 yards...missed the target again! Dropped the scope down 30 clicks...and clipped top right corner (18 inches from bull). I then removed the moderator, and put 1 round straight through the bull. The rifle is now back with the dealer for him to try and sort out....any suggestions as to what I should do? 1 damaged mod (which I'm told will still function), and possibly going to have to loose an inch or so off what started out as a 20 inch barrel. The morale of the bloody careful who you trust to do anything to your rifle!

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    Unfortunately I have heard several horror stories like this were "engineers" threaded rifles.

    I would only use a very reputable gunsmith for threading.

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    i ended up going to steve kershaw from recomendations and while i was droping mine off he had a brand new rifle in which had been screw cut by someone with the same problem and also it was machined right down so he had to redo it properly. sorry to here yours is not right and hope you manage to get it sorted,wayne

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    sounds like its been done with a hand die with a bit of a cant ( i mean the angle rather than the guy that did it
    I have never done one but i always assumed they would remove stock and put barrel through the laithe and cut the thread like that. this would give a perfectly aligned thread.
    i could of course be talking ********, good luck with getting it sorted

    i have had 2 threads cut one by adenbourns in witney and one by livens in stafford i think. both were ok livens was half the adenbourn price and both took quite a while with loads of excuses as to why.

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    Kershaw is the man for this job, his workmanship is superb.

    I sent a rifle to him a few years ago. My RFD shipped it on a Monday, I had it back in my hands on the Thursday night - and I live in Ireland.

    I have regularly heard of rifles being away for 2 months. Methinks some of the big names are subbing the work out.

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    Spoke to the dealer at 5pm..he suggested getting the same guy to recut to another thread...this was 5 seconds after he told me that he would never use him again! Can you let me have Steve Kershaw's details? I think I'll insist that the rifle is sent to him. Very pissed off about the moderator...200+ and damaged after 2 shots through someone else's negligence. I feel it should be replaced.

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    pm sent , i would also want a new mod for all the hassle

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    definately get them to provide a new mod - its their fault that the damage has been caused mate.

    hope it gets sorted.

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    Some "engineers/ smiths", dont understand that not all rifle bores are centreline of the barstock, & you can get some real fancy effects when cut offline/ offcentre when the mod goes on.

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