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Thread: Restoration project gun for sale: Charles Lancaster 13b

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    Restoration project gun for sale: Charles Lancaster 13b


    I'm having a bit of a rethink as to what I want to concentrate on in the cabinet. First up for sale is my beloved Charles Lancaster 13b restoration gun.

    A bit bit about the gun, it's a beautiful 13b side by side hammer shot gun with a Jones patent rotary underlever, non-rebounding back locks very nicely border and scroll engraved and with the makers name. 28" Damascus barrels, which need some attention and it has 2 1/2" chambers. A highly figured Prince of Wales stock and LOP 14". Silver escutcheon with what looks like a engraved crane present with a lavish M below

    The gun was still being used with some brass sleeves in the chambers until I purchased it about five years ago. Since then, it has been cleaned six monthly and laid up in readiness for a restoration by a competent gunsmith and stock restorer.

    so work required, barrels need some work, outside is fine but there are some areas inside that require some work. Stock needs to be restored properly, the wood is amazing (as you can imagine) and the metal but plate could do with the once over. I'm told that the face is sound and the mechanism is in perfect working order, lastly the foreend needs some work as a peice of wood has been spliced in at some point which needs tidying.

    I had this gun valued for insurance purposes some time ago, I was advised to have it insured for 4k, high you may think, but look at Guntrader for comparisons, you won't find any like this. It's something really special, formerly a pin-firer converted to hammer they are really special. I am told restored it would be worth 4-5k.

    I'm looking for 1500 ono, I'm not after a swap, quick sale etc.

    Pictures are available on email, viewing is obviously welcomed and I travel the country with work so a meet- up can be arranged.

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