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Thread: How many feeds a day?

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    How many feeds a day?

    Hi, rather a boring question but... I have always fed my dogs (complete dry) food half in the morning and half in the evening, after their morning or evening walk. Now that they are getting a bit older (10 and 14 yrs) they don't seam to be so keen on their morning feeds - should I drop them down to once a day, and just in the evening?
    ta muchly

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    Try it and see - our dog is fine being fed once a day

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    Once a day here as well.

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    Dogs are designed to feast and then go hungry. I would usually feed once daily, but it doesn't actually matter so long as you do not inadvertently feed them more twice a day!

    Puppies need feeding more often. I always say ad lib until 8 weeks. 4-6 times daily until 12 weeks and then can reduce down to twice daily.

    I have no problem with putting dry food down in the morning and let the dog eat when it wants - so long as it lives alone!

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    Twice a day here for my kennelled dogs especially in the winter they get a warm meal before bed and after work on the shoot .

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    Mine all get twice a day soaked with warm water and extra rations on evening meal if they have been out picking up all day.

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    All my dogs have food in their bowls 24/7. The never fight over food and don't get fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    All my dogs have food in their bowls 24/7. The never fight over food and don't get fat.
    That's what my Dad does, he's down to one collie nowadays, but collies, labs and cocker spaniels have all been on this regime. Regards JCS

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    If I gave my terrier a free range on the food she would be soo fat she would Not be able to move.
    I would love to do as above but for this Greedy Mutt it is x2 per day.Click image for larger version. 

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    I feed twice a day as I have breeds that are prone to gastric torsion (Weim/GWP). The risk of getting this also increases in later life.

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