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Thread: Sako 75 Hunter in 30/06 + Swarovski PV 3x12x50mm

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    Sako 75 Hunter in 30/06 + Swarovski PV 3x12x50mm


    I am selling the above to make space for a new Rifle, spc is as follows:

    Late Model Sako 75 Hunter, wood stock, blued, in VGC.

    Rifle has done under 100 rounds, it is screwcut with a JetZ.

    It is fitted with a Swarovski PV 3x12x50mm with the TDS reticule, in mint condition, with blued optilock rings & baces

    The whole kit is in great condition & any inspection is welcome together with a range test from genuine buyers.

    Price is 1500 for the whole setup, which includes about 60 rounds of boxed factory ammo, also loads of fired brass.

    Anyone interested please PM me-apart from the tyre kicker that stitched me on my last rifle sale-you know who you are!

    Regards Lee

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    I can testify that this is a very nice setup-i shot my first deer with it!
    If only i had 30-06 on my ticket.
    Good luck with the sale Lee-whoever gets it will be chuffed.


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    I've seen this gun in the flesh and can testify to its condition.

    If i didnt have just bought a Schultz and Larsen .30-06 then this would be on my certificate.

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    I've also seen the rifle in the flesh, nice rifle, excellent condition....just gutted i never got to take a deer with it.

    Seriously, this is an excelent package!

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    Not that this needs any more bigging up, but I too have borrowed this rifle whilst I mine was unavailable... Shot a fallow pricket with it. A lovely bit of kit in excellent condition like everyone else is saying. There's a lucky git with 1500 out there

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    Hi i am very interested in the rifle only if you are spliting,my ticket is at this moment with the old bill for a 30.06 variation and that is the gun I was looking for,but only after the rifle.cheers

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