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Thread: First Sika Calf of the Year

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    First Sika Calf of the Year

    For the last few weeks the Sika hinds in the forest here have been more visible. Some have been seen in the same location every day even in the early afternoon . Tonight at 8pm I motored round the forest roads with my lad to allow him to take some photos for a school competition when ,standing in the middle of the track was a Sika hind with her calf. The calf was certainly more than just a few days old and followed its dam quite smartly into the thicket. We saw over 25 red hinds too and although several are now looking well hefted I don't expect we'll see any calves for a week or so yet. With the very good winter this year all animals are very fit , the herbage is lush so I expect a bumper season for good survivable offspring.


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    my mate saw the first sika calf of the year yesterday on the hill in wicklow, he thought it was only a few dys old

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