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Thread: Shooting Times and Country Magazine

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    Shooting Times and Country Magazine

    Is this magazine worth the £2.35 spent on it each week?
    60 pages this week and 21 of them adverts.

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    I haven't bought ST for years, but if only 21 pages out of 60 are adverts then that's pretty good these days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    they all make good mulch,
    Not now they're on shiny paper they don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    Not now they're on shiny paper they don't.
    i know, hi vss hows your rifle hope its all sorted now,whoops sorry im not nicking your thread billh,

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    As a newcomer to field sports some time ago, I would buy it regularly and devour it. But, like many specific magazines, over time it starts to repeat itself. I still buy it on occasion when I know I'll have a spare ten minutes (!) but only perhaps when some article interests me. Even then I find those articles a bit shallow often. I used to enjoy some of the regular contributors they had a few years ago, but things change...

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    As above, generally interesting stuff, but becomes repetitive. I now read 'Fieldsports' instead. Similar type of thing, but quarterly and about 160 pages a time with 40 odd of adverts (162 and 42 in latest issue). retail is £5.00, so it works out cheaper than ST over the year, and IMHO the standard of journalism and definitely photography are rather better. Possibly slightly more pretentious than ST, but still less so than The Field and with a decent range of topics; stalking, gundogs, game shooting, fly fishing, pest control, shooting tips etc. Maybe worth a look?
    PS, not associated in any way, just a relatively satisfied customer.

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    billh, the best thing to do is read it, enjoy what you can, but then take greater enjoyment from passing it on to another, with the caveat that they must do the same. A warm glow will then overcome you.
    Here endeth the morning sermon.

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    Subscribe, because it's cheaper. Then cancel you subscription at Easter... and sign up again at the Game Fair.

    It's win-win: you'll get a pretty girl making eyes at you for however long it takes her to sell you the subscription, and probably a nice bottle of something that will both sweeten the deal and offset most of the cost.

    What I mostly read ST for is the news section, but most weeks there are one or two articles in it that I'm glad I've read.
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    i only ever buy a shooting magazine if i am out shopping with the wife and become trapped.

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