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Thread: .243 ruger m77 mk2

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    .243 ruger m77 mk2

    right guys ruger m77 mk2 lightweight are they any good in .243 ??

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    Good guns I have just sold my m77 mk2 .243 after 6 hard years the metal work was in excellent shape the wood work showed signs of life, have worked out that she would have had some 6k plus rounds through her and with home loads would still shoot 1/2'' if I did my bit!

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    Well made, nice lines, triggers can need fettling but are nice once done, but can be a bit scope fussy due to mounting system ( which is solid)

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    I have a ruger hawkeye allweather in 308. It is an accurate rifle I love it

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    I cannot speak to the .243, but I have owned Ruger M77s, from the tang safety model to the MkII, RSI, and Safari, in 7mm Rem Mag, .270 Win, .39-06, .375 H&H. I never intended to keep three of them... gave them away as presents and they all still own them and they are their primary rifles ( .270 RSI, .30-06 MkII, 7mmRM tang safety). I still have a .270, a 6.5x55mm and just put a new 7x64 barrel on a tang safety.

    I suggest getting the standard rifle with 22 inch barrel in the .243.

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