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Thread: lovely weekends hunt

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    lovely weekends hunt

    hi all

    well i had a lovely weekend in between the showers lol .. first trip out was to a farm that i have not been to for a while it tends to be a tad long with the grasses this time of year but i thought id pop over see what was about . i had taken the 243 for the deer and fox if it was to show.. as soon as i got there i was met with three foot grass everywhere it was going to be hard work in the warm weather...

    i crept along the hedge row keeping a eye out over the field hoping to see movement then right in front of me two doe's jumped out not 20 yards away .. it was nice to watch them bound over the grass like a pair of springbok ..

    i continued along the cover to a point where it opens to another field i had a quick peak around the corner and there was a flash of a ginger hump i reversed two foot got the rifle on the sticks poked back around the corner and nothing.. ?? what ever was there must have clocked me and vanished i waited 10 minutes and decided it must have been a fox in the long grass and he had now gone..

    i followed the edge of that field right around till i was near enough back to where i had spotted that fox.. would you believe it it was a buck bright as anything a lovely orange summer coat. but unfortunately he was well aware i was there and leaped into action and made the field in about 3 seconds... i was gutted and kicked my self i didn't give it longer when i first spotted the orange rump..

    i decided to look for him but that didn't pay off... it was two hours later when i bumped into him again he appeared i good distance away but i was not sure on the shot as he was covered up a lot so i decided to get in closer .. it was hard and a trying stalk but i had made enough ground on him to take my shot.. i stood up and redyed the gun he was watcher me and was twitchy i waited till he had calmed and took my shot down he went...

    he was a nice young buck four point and had the best coat i had seen.. light was fading so a quick sort out and in the car we where...

    this is the end result... it takes abit of time but well worth the efforts the meat will be very good from this stunning young buck

    my second trip was i sit out for the fox i had spotted in the week.. the fox was on a young corn field just moocing but it didn't want to come in closer and i was under gunned with a hmr at 300 yards so he lived for another day i was there at 7 till 11 and nothing he obviously didn't want to play so i thought i would push on and head to another farm to look over the sheep ... i parked up got the rifle ready and headed to the field i had the little but mighty t20 sat on the tikka i scanned around and there was a fox feeding in the cattle trays but i could not take the shot due to houses in the background..

    i walked passed the sheep and into the top right corner where i had a safe shot i put the lamp back on to find eyes every where there where cubs also feeding in the trays this same behavior a few years ago landed me 8 foxes in two hours... i took three shots and dropped three foxes i will be heading back in the week to look for adults

    many thanks andy...

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    Hi Andy
    Good write-ups and the meat looks real good laid out after the hard work!
    Nice to see those Foxes looking 'disinterested' ?!!
    Cheers, L

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    Attachment 43168Welldone mate what a spanker and as already said nice write up I got a small fox and a nice 4-pointer on Saturday eve it was bloody hot though bazil

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    well done to you both andy/bazil good write up andy,

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    well done m8.nice write up ,good to see the end result ready for the oven

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    thank you men ... its worth the prep time to get such a fine meat to feed the family .. nothing better in my eyes...


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    Good weekend by the looks of it Andy,finished fillets are making me feel hungry

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