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Thread: My Bisley H4H experience!

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    My Bisley H4H experience!

    I thought I'd get down in words for prosperity the whole experience of visiting Bisley for the 1st time for me and Dale (Daddyo) and the fantastic day we had at the H4H shoot 2014.


    I'd been told that it is like stepping back in time at Bisley and crikey is that true!! Ironic that over the same weekend it was the D-Day 70th anniversary as the RO lines room we stopped in hasn't been updated since then!! The only way I can describe the heady aroma as you 1st open the door is the smell you get from the pages of a really old book!!!! I think it's politely known as character!!

    The RO lines shed!!

    Our room!!

    Just behind the shed was one of the static caravan sites and it looks like an elephants graveyard where old Butlins caravans go to die!! There were some real smart old ones from the 50's and 60's and one even had a solar panel!!

    For those that have never been to Bisley, it's hard to describe! A bit like telling people what Vegas and the Pyramids are like if they've never been. There are old buildings from the days of the wars, mixed in with even older buildings from the days of the Great British Empire I reckon!! We had a mooch about in the evening after a few beers in the Middlesex and I couldn't help taking a few pics of some of them we came across.

    This one looked like something from a horror movie!!

    We also stood on the 1200 yard range and could barely make out the numbers at the target end, let alone think about shooting at that distance!! Hats off to those fella's!!


    After a surprisingly good nights kip in the shed, we both woke a bit bleary eyed after deciding to go back in the Middlesex for a night cap and watched the 1st half of the England game!! Back across there again for a full English we got ourselves sorted and headed to the Sporting Rifle area to hook up with the gang.

    I've never been one to shy away from having a laugh so there was only one thing I could wear for the event!! I'm not sure what the Surrey FEO and BSRA guys thought when I rocked up but Mike's (NDT Man) face was a picture!!

    It's a pity it was so warm coz I have to say, it's more comfortable than any stalking gear you're ever going to buy, although I can't see Harkila adopting it any time soon!!

    The event itself was an absolute cracker and so are the facilities. The range staff were really friendly and helpful, the BBQ was lovely and well done to Mike for all the hard work to make it happen!! There was some really good shooting during the day, especially the fella who head shot perfectly the running deer! (Sorry I can't remember who did it!)

    It was good to put some new faces to names on here (especially Hants, Pine Marten and Rick6point5) and to hook up with the guys we met last year at Monmouth (especially NDT Man, 8x57 and PaulO)

    Speaking of which well done to PaulO for taking the overall win and NDT Man for acing the stalkers test. Although there was (ahem!!) one other sharp shooter that managed it (ahem!!) but unfortunately it was when the pressure was off!! Although I have to admit I found the running boar and running deer really difficult and won't be posting what my scores were on those!!


    NDT Man

    So there you have it folks it was a superb event with great company and if we are fortunate to be offered the facilities again next year you'd be mad to miss it!!


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    Nice write up. Sounds like a nice time for all. Maybe next year!!!

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    It was a pleasure meeting you too! As for Bisley, yes, in many ways, it is a silly place. There's a lot of bad blood around the place because they didn't hold the Olympic shooting events there, but frankly, Bisley's just not in keeping with the Olympic spirit. It's possibly a charming legacy of a bygone era, but a fitting venue for the spirit of modernism, internationalism and forward-looking Britain, perhaps not. Mostly because of the plumbing.

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    Nice write up. Good to meet you Stratts and Daddyo. I think it's fair to say everyone had a great day.
    Bisley certainly does have it's charm!
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    well done Stratts,

    and well done paul O.

    I was in Salisbury A&E with a back spasm that had me unable to walk properly and i got home about 1800 after they gave me some physio and im back on the tramadol.
    still it sounds like you all had a great day and well done to one and all.


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    it aint changed a jot i was there 35 years ago and it doesnt look like theyve bought anything since.nice write up ,the missus wants her onesie back though

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    Well done Stratts, nice write up mate. When you turned up at the range wearing that purple onezie the look on ndt man's face was just a picture. My wife's jaw dropped and she said "OMG they're not going to let him shoot dressed like that are they?" I think it may have been a close run thing because there were certainly several people including the range officers looking at you and wondering how on earth you got a firearms certificate. LOL.
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    Ha ha I did think it a bit strange that no-one actually asked me why I was wearing it! And within half an hour of the range talk no-one took a blind bit of notice apart from NDT shaking his head every time I walked past!! I think he secretly wants one!!
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    Nice write up stratts I think we can safely say your a bloke that's doesn't care when anyone thinks about you ,for that I applaud you chap

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    well done to everyone concerned,and what can i say about stratts well hmmmmm, by the way stratts you do know theres a picture of you on some feo,s wall somewhere,

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