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Thread: Ideal for a chiller/cold room

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    Ideal for a chiller/cold room

    Nothing to do with me,just looking for some ideas and came across a breaker yard in kidderminster with a load of chiller body units.
    If anyone looking for a chiller.
    Truck search results for ; ob : pca_a, Make : Mercedes-Benz,...

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    I bought one from this guy DH commercials same as your advert just a section that are all his.

    Look on last but one page, got mine for 350 then had it delivered to North Wales for just over 100. They come de-gassed and electrics needed looking at, and hoses unattached from where it would have been attached to the truck, so they are a bit of work and cost to get started again but well worth the money. One section is a fridge, the next a freezer and the third I use as a cutting room. Also the racking I have sold for scrap for 50 or so.
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    Careful about final disposal. The reason they are usually sold cheap is that the insulation is special waste. It could cost a four figure sum to scrap it. It is not just the gas that is hazardous.

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    My unit will outlive my children. Incredibly well put together. The chap I got it off buys fleats of tesco vans and if someone wants van without chiller he just takes it off and sells it.

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