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Thread: Honda Spare Parts?

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    Honda Spare Parts?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering where the beast place is to pick up spare parts for a Honda Quad? The only place that really crops up in a google search is "Lings", just wondering if anyone knew of any others? Or second hand parts for that matter?

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.



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    Try a company called Seddons I know they are Honda groundcare dealers they might be able to help.


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    Buy in from USA it's way cheaper. Only problem is waiting for parts to arrive.
    e.g I bought a new genuine starter. Uk price £350 USA price delivered £160
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    Just been looking at the US tayhan, seems you can get almost any second hand part for a Honda foreman on eBay alone. Might see what the new parts cost.

    Seems strange that, what with so many Honda quads in the UK, there aren't more dealers selling spares.

    Had a quick look at seddons, looks like they only do mower parts.

    Think I'll looks to the US to see what prices I can get.

    Cheers guys


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    Try quad bike wales.

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    KIK Clitheroe , honda quad specialists 01200 441247 .
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1995rs View Post
    Try quad bike wales.
    Beat me to it. We have had S/H bits off them with good service.

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    used to work at mitchells a massey ferguson dealers who sold quads .5 branches across the midlands .probably the biggest honda quad floggers but foot n mouth and BSE wiped em out.cant understand why no one picked up the dealership as theyre brill is good but someone must be selling em here

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    I think it was fieldmans always used to advertise in the shitting times and Im pretty sure they were your way and honda specialist

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    You broken it already Jim, or just planning ahead? Hope you haven't bought an old dog of one!

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