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Thread: Sako A7 scope mounting options

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    Sako A7 scope mounting options

    I have just ordered a Sako A7 in .270 as my FEO called to say i should get my FAC on the mat any moment. I know the A7 have aluminium weaver base, is it any other better/more reliable option to mount a scope? Should i go for optilocks(base and rings) or should i just use a pair of Leupold rings?
    Many thanks!

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    I have 3 full bore rifles and have weaver rails on all so if there are doubts on a particular scope or rifle I can swap and cross check. I was recently was given a sako to use with a 6x scope with 1" rings on(all the other scopes I have are 30mm tubes), it which, when you are used to higher mag scope leaves you wanting. If the sako had been fitted with the weaver rails then it would have been very easy to put the high zoom scope on. So if you have more than 1 rifle it is wise to have the systems compatible

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