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Thread: Sako Quad .22/17HMR Zero Issue

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    Sako Quad .22/17HMR Zero Issue

    Would appreciate any advise from anyone who has a Sako Quad or can help out with any solution.....

    Treated myself to a new toy last week in a Sako Quad .22 & 17HMR as recently sold my Browning T bolt.

    I've put a S&B 3-12 x 50 on with high rise mounts as there needs to be a gap to lift the barrel out.

    I have zeroed the .17HMR barrel and can hit a black dot the size of a 1 pence piece at 130yrds - very impressed with the accuracy etc, however when i put the .22 barrel on, at my maximum height adjustment the shot strikes is at least 6" low of the bull at 75yrds so i have no more clicks to bring it to zero....

    I am thinking of putting a thin shim on the bed of the front scope ring to give some lift...., can anyone enlighten me why this is happening or offer a solution?.....

    I seem to be prone to zero problems at presents..., I put a post on last month for advise about a Remmy .243 & 8x56 S&B - that problem turned out to be a displaced baffle in a mod' which is now fit for the bin...



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    Had a simaler problem with a new remy sps .243 i fitted it with a 8 x 56 docter scope.
    Ran out of addjustment on the scope & was still about 4-5 in high.
    Phoned the dealer i got it from he sed that this happend to him befour & to shim up the rear base seamed to fix the problem but i would give the dealer you got it from a phone to see if this problem has happend befour.


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    I suggest that you get a pitcany rail from Norman Clark that has some MOA built into to it as shimming the mounts puts some stress on the body tube with a pitcany rail and suitable rings you can have a scope set up for the .17 and another for the .22 L/R. Here is his website:-

    give them a call and ask them about it as they might have other suggestions

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    Hi & thanks for the advise - I will give Norman Clark a call.



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