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Thread: jager sa 223 rifle build

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    Smile jager sa 223 rifle build

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi all,

    Above is a 223 rifle build i asked james to do for me here is the run down.


    remington XR100 action (single shot)
    Bergarra varmint 1-9 s/s 223 barrel
    match crown
    remi custom shop trigger
    stock off the XR100
    Dura-coat dark stainless finish

    As some of you will have seen in the classified section i had a remi XR100 in 204 for sale but it never sold so i thought i need a rifle for the range that would be a pleasure to use.
    So when i spoke to james it seemed that nothing was a trouble and was very helpful which i was pleased with, i have had a few rifles built by a friend of mine and he panics when he sends the finished rifle to me as i pick over it to try to find fault (but never have) .So i thought i would try jager sa as he was offering a very attractive price of a rebarrel and new finish of the rifle.

    When i got it back the job was checked by my beedy eye and all was 100% so next to the range but i did not have time to do any load development for the rifle so had to use a batch of my friends ammo, well i thought if nothing else i can try it out ??

    I am well happy with it as it shot just over .7 groups with ammo not even developed for the rifle so what can i get it to shoot when i do a load for it .

    So all in all i am very pleased with the rifle and service and value for money i don't think he can be beat.


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    Very nice!
    Has it got one of his 'invisible' thread protectors on it? He did that on mine and I thought he had forgotten to screw-cut the barrel!

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    hi monkey spanker i did not want it threaded.

    cheers chris

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    Nice rifle Chris,


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