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    Which glue

    I have a couple of pieces of bone to stick back on a head I've just done. Can anyone tell me which type of glue I should use?

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    I've used superglue before and it worked very well.

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    i used window fitters super gluGeocel Joiners Mate Mitre Bond 50g

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    I'd use either superglue or mitre-fix which is basically superglue with an accelerator. Superglue was designed for use in the medical world and sticks bone extremely well!
    I definitely wouldn't use Gorilla glue though as it expands and ouzes out as it cures and is a dark colour. Superglue is clear.
    Anyone with kids should have some mitre-fix as it is awesome stuff and can fix a broken toy in about 3 seconds flat!

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    You are correct. Superglue was developed by th Yanks for use in the Vietnam War. Was used to stick people back together on the frontline until they could get back to hospital.

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    Thanks fellas,superglue it is then.

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    Superglue find the gel variety best, doesn't stick any better than the normal stuff but less chance of getting it where you don't want it.

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