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Thread: RIP Rick

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    RIP Rick

    sad loss of a real funny man, what an utter utter b********d for those who grew up with the young ones its sad day indeed.
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    Couldn't believe it when I first read it.
    R.I.P Rik

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    RIP (p)Rick, a great talent, a funny, funny man. The Young Ones was iconic, many many hours watching it and laughing in the '80s and since.

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    RIP......funny funny man
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    captain flashman ,whibble,

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    Just read a classic quote from him.................."When I had my quad accident I died for 5 days................jesus only died for 3 !"

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    Was shocked to hear this yesterday, I grew up with the young ones and black adder and still laugh my socks off when I see them now.
    a great friend of mine who died a couple of years ago said this about death,
    (the good lord is now picking apples in my orchard ) Arthur Hill, mendip shooting ground.
    More and more apples are now being picked in my orchard!!!

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    Sad indeed, a great talent and a great shock to loose someone at such a young age. If you get a chance watch the film Hotel Paradiso with Ed Edmundson its hilarious.

    RIP Rick.
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    Saw him live many many years ago in Edinburgh. The first ten minutes was an empty stage, and only his voice coming over the sound system giving a narrative of him running late in a taxi near to the venue. The whole house was in tears of laughter and he wasn't even there! Comic genius.......

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