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Thread: DSC 1 South Wales

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    DSC 1 South Wales

    Our next DSC 1 course will be in August (date to be confirmed) and will again be held at Barry Shooting Centre, Barry Island, South Wales. The Course will run from Saturday to Monday, with the test on the last day. Places available for the full 3 day course or assessment only on the last day. P.M me for details.


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    Looks like we will be going for Sat 16th Aug to Mon 18th Aug.

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    one or two places left for the August course. P.M me for details


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    Ade has had a lightning strike on all the telecoms and computer equipment at his home.He has asked me to request that you contact him via his mobile for any questions regarding the DSC1 or other matters, until the faults are rectified.Thanks.

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    I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lightening on Sunday managed knock out the power and phone lines to the whole village, BT and electricity board have been working their socks off restoring the services, but it my internet has only just been restored. My phones, routers, sky dish and phone lines were all fried, but we got off lightly as the neighbours had all of their power sockets blown off the walls and were sent flying by another strike while they were trying to calm the horses.

    All ok with Sat, any issues, please contact me.


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    Ade that's " SHOCKING"

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    Well did the DSC1 assessment at the Barry Tunnel range 16th -18th August 2014, courtesy of Ade 270WSM and Roger Jones and the good auspices of Allan lewis one of the Range owners.Everyone was hyped up and dreading the tests but aforementioned were extremely helpful and it all seemed to fall into place with the Theory,Deer ID etc being first and then the shooting tests.Being a 200 m indoor range in an old railway tunnel with eating and food facilities and a shop full of nice rifles and accessories! the weather wouldn't be a problem! It was a lovely day anyway! All seemed to cope with the shooting from different positions with a little encouragement and few tips from Ade and Roger . The Assessor was most helpful(very nice bloke from Staffordshire but as usual his name escapes me!).So with that out of the way by mid afternoon we were off to a nearby Farm for the Safety questions with various Deer silhouettes set at different random points among the lovely countryside and being quizzed by the assessors as to various shooting/safety scenarios etc.It all seemed to go well and just waiting for the results now with crossed fingers!(: As I say a rather hectic but enjoyable experience,well done to all involved!

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    One could not it put it more elequently than Roebuck did. I was there on the course I am less learned than some on there. This really help the deer I.d. was a great insight
    all I can say is I passed and I now have a dsc 1.
    so deer better watch out

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    Next DSC1 will be in March 2015, same price as before (see first post in this thread), date provisionally set for Saturday March 14th to Monday March 16th 2015. P.M me to book a place. I will start a new thread for this course as well. 100% pass rate so far!!!!!!!


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