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Thread: Any electricians on the site advice needed

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    Any electricians on the site advice needed


    My shower room extractor fan (with light) has died. Its an old Wicks one. I have obtained a replacement Manrose fan (timer)

    I cannot replace the whole set up due to access issues but the fan is located up in the loft and exhausts to the sky via a roof tile and is easily accessible.

    The new fan says it needs to be wired with a double pole 3 amp fuse/switch.

    Currently I have a live and neutral feed which comes up from the light pull switch in the bathroom and a permanent live which feeds the timer. The bathroom is obviously on the upstairs light circuit RCD.

    How am I ment to fit this double pole fuse?

    Is it neccessary?

    If the fan/timer needs fuses would a simple in line fuse be the simple fix.

    Old fan is not fused at all.



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    I might be wrong but I think bathroom fans need to have an isolation switch fitted, usually either a pull cord or a switch marked as "fan Isolator" at least that's how they are wired on the new builds I work on and building control checks to see if they are fitted

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    The 3amp fuse is necessary to protect the fan against a short circuit in the windings. Your lights should already be fused at 6amp but this circuit (the fan) needs to be fused slightly lower at 3amp.

    No reason why you can't fit the double pole isolator and fuse in your roof space beside the fan. Just fit a white pvc backbox with the switch near the fan and screw it to a joist.



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    Thats exactly what I needed to know and just got the bits so might have fan and light up and running this eve.


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    You don't need to fuse the fan separately from the lighting circuit but what you should have is a 3pole fan isolator to completely isolate the 3 line conductors(neutral is classed as a line conductor,switched live and permanent live) so there is complete isolation at the fan for maintenance purposes

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    New fan fitted, wired in and it works took couple of hours whilst lying almost under the eaves. Fan now fused and isolated so am happy bunny. Mist free bathroom this am, Manrose fan much better than v old wickes unit.

    Thanks for all the advice.


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