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Thread: Syndicate Land Available

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    Syndicate Land Available

    Thank you for all the interest, all syndicate places are now taken
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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    PM Sent.

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    PM Inbound

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    pm sent

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    Land availability

    PM sent

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    I would like any information on the small plots as i would like to manage a bit on my own many thanks.


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    Hi am very interested I would love to have a patch of my own but would also be intersseted in details of them all you can contact me at
    Regards Chris.

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    If not bare with him Barry he maybe stalking in Scotland not sure he has internet access up there...

    Stalked with Neil in september my father and I had a great time...



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    i have neils number if any 1 wants it im sure he want mind but pm plz

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