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Thread: red resin blocking trigger adjustment screw

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    red resin blocking trigger adjustment screw

    I've just been trying to adjust the trigger pull on a recently acquired second gand Sako 75.

    However, on lifting the action out of the stock, I discovered that the thread of the adjustment screw has been coated with a glob of a hard red resin of some sort. It looks a bit like candle wax, though is hard. It prevents any movement of the screw.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be and have an suggestions for how to remove it?


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    hot air gun or soldering iron fine tip, and a cutdown q tip then oil it so it won't go hard best done with trigger set off the rifle ,only as you can see more then check test and test again after you have finished if not sure leave alone and get a smith to do it 5min job with set removed so 1hr should see it done thats two cups of tea as well, lol
    if you were this way i would do it for free.

    ps you are looking at the one you can access vie the magwell without removing the stock

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    Hi Mungo,

    Its almost certainly 'Tamper Evident' resin. The idea being that the manufacturer sets the trigger to their perceived 'safe' pull, then puts a drop of this stuff on.

    Then you can't adjust it out of factory setting without it being removed/broken. That way, they can tell if you been tinkering with the rifle should something disastrous happen.

    Sometimes this stuff will just crack or snap if you turn the screw anti clockwise but exercise common-sense on how much force you apply.

    Hope this helps,


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    Was this standard on 75's?

    I've adjusted the triggers on both my 85's and don't recall seeing any stuff on the screw

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    possible that it was added by a very precise former owner to fix it at a set break

    does it need adjusting?
    without knowing what it is I would go carefully
    could be nail varnish or anti tamper or threadlock or anything

    you don't want to find out it has enough grip to snap the stud if you try to tighten or loosen it

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    75 85 are adjustable please indicate the allen screw you are looking at as others have said any type of thread lock is out of the norm on the front adjustment bolt/screw

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    Paul - it is the screw labelled 1 on the diagram (the one accessible from the magazine well).

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    Some people put nail varnish on the screws to stop them moving try nail varnish removed first then heat if it fails.

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    as others have said not a factory seal, the screw is a user adjustable screw one of the many good features of a sako,just pick it out try and stick a hot pin in it see if its nail varnish by the smell. if you have never smelt it heat the old girls fingers up on the grill (NO joking).
    best of luck .

    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Paul - it is the screw labelled 1 on the diagram (the one accessible from the magazine well).

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Was this standard on 75's?
    Definitely not. They came from the factory with just a blob of red or blue coloured loctite on the threads.

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