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Thread: hello from aberfoyle

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    hello from aberfoyle

    Hello everybody. i am a virgin to this forum lark and can see there is a lot of knowledge here and nice people. I am a keen shotgun shooter and new to stalking, and just done my dsc1 with trossachs deer management, looking forward to having a good time on here and picking some brains.
    Safe shooting


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    Welcome to the sd tommy. Glad my sticks came in useful to you....atb scott

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Tommo

    Welcome to site
    was a good weekend good to meet you and the rest of the lads

    Cheers Dave

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    Hi tommo
    welcome to the sight
    Great weekend with you doing DSC1

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    Hi scott. thanks very much. the sticks were sound. so good I was off tae b&q yesterday to get canes. like I said there is nice folk on here willing to share tips. ATB and nice to meet you.

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    HI Dave. congrats on your dsc1 at wend. I had a great time on the course and all that attended put in a real team effort. hope to meet some time and get a wee natter and some shooting ATB. Tommy

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    Hi Adrian, hope you had a safe drive down the road. and congrats on passing the dsc1 at the wend. I now hope we all get to practice what we learned. speak soon. ATB and hope to see you up in Scotland again Tommy

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    Thanks ,maybe we could get on a stalk sometime!
    Give me the nod and I'll be up that strip of tarmac before you can say" quals eggs anyone?"

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    hi and welcome to sd tommo.b all the very best

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