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Thread: Not a bad start to the weekend

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    Not a bad start to the weekend

    After work last Friday the weather was good so decided to rush home have a bite to eat then head out at 8 to see what was moving around. By 7 I was getting restless so thought I would head out early and possibly cover a bit more ground.
    My uncle is the manager of this estate so I always pop in to his house on the way past so he knows I am there. As I approached the house there was an extra land rover parked outside so slowed down to blast the horn to let him know I was there (he knows the sound of the mouse fart in my Navara), I usually go in but if there is other people in the house it is not worth bothering him. As I sped up to drive away I realised the land rover belonged to the farmer next door, I carried along the road a bit to have a look over some of the land with the binoculars to see if anything was moving yet but all I could see was a doe on the neighbouring land.
    With some time to waste I headed back to the hose to say hello, parked outside they were standing outside talking by the back door, before I even got to them my uncle shouts Iíve got a man here with a couple of jobs for you. The neighbour said follow me and Iíll show you what the problem is.About five minutes later he stops at the side of the road and shows me his field of what is supposed to be oats. It looked like someone had been let loose with a lawn mower over half of the field. He went on to say he was surprised the deer were not there now as since last November they have taken up residence in this field, can you sort them out for meÖ No problem was my obvious reply, but as I have a closed certificate I will need you to sign something for me and wait for the ground to be checked. He signed the forms and whilst doing this asked to mark his land on the map and said to manage the deer across all of it but leave the foxes as he enjoys doing that. So for heading out an hour early I have picked up a further 1,200 acre to stalk on right on the edge of forestry and it is still earlier than I planned to head out.
    Back to the original plan I went to try to bump into a murder buck which I have as yet only seen on trail cam. I scouted around theedge of the field and spotted a Doe grazing away in the middle of the field, I was sure she would have a buck with her so continued around the field where Icame across the buck only 50 yards away, quick look and one for the cull so sent 100 grains of 243 his way, I was greeted with a good sounding thump and he took off out of sight towards the forestry, not again was my first thought, as I waited about 15 minutes all was going through my head was thoughts something had gone wrong by the way he ran off. Even though I have shot three bucks sinceI called George from UKSHA out all without problem, had I pull the shot, is my scope loose has it had a knock, will I have to call George again to help find it, I think losing a beast must make you over think things for a while after before you get confidence back.
    I quickly found the shot site and it was good with lots of frothy blood and a good blood trail to follow about 30 yards away the trail disappeared into a patch of gorse, I could tell by the amount of blood he cant have got much further so started battling my way through, five yards in there he was.
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    There was very little heart left so he was dead all along just did not know it.
    I dragged him back to the truck and set off to see if thered deer had come back to the oat field and there they were, there is only fivein the photo I took through the binos but I have been told there can be upto 25in there at any one time.
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    I went back for a little look last night and was able to get this close to this guy.
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    Still got to investigate the land to see what the roe population is like but if it is like the other estate the roe just keep coming from the forestry as fast as they are taken out.
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    Nice write up mate and well done on the extra land. Just shows how doing a good job for one can lead to another!!
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    lovely job nice write up and well done,

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