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Thread: New titanium moderator with integrated muzzle brake

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    New titanium moderator with integrated muzzle brake

    Hi guys, just thought I'd share a few pics of my new mod.
    Its CNC machined from aircraft quality titanium and has an integrated pepper-pot muzzle brake. It's only 14.5cm long with a diameter of 4.5cm and only weighs 370 grams (13.1oz)
    My one is for my 30.06 but it can also come in a size for calibre's up to 6.5 x 55
    I got it from an Irish RFD for 495 / 399 so I'm not sure when UK shooters will be in the loop but it's smaller lighter and cheaper than the LP titanium mods on the market.
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    Hello rmnrgn

    Looks very well made. Have you used it, and does it attenuate any better than your last mod ?? Are you able to say who the manufacturer is ?

    All the best.


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    Hi NeilG, yep I used it for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. I have a T8 on my other rifle and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two. I was wearing hearing protection but all I can say is the difference between before and after on the 30.06 is phenomenal. Using 165grain bullets gave a resounding percussive thump with a handy little kick to the shoulder and now it's like using a .243. Due to it's smaller size and weight it's a winner over the T8 hands down.
    As for mentioning manufacturer, I don't want to break site rules on advertising. If you PM me I'll tell you who my RFD is and he might be able to enlighten you.

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    All moderators act as muzzle brakes, what is special about this other than claiming to be a combination?


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    Hi, actually my title was slightly misleading in that I should have said detachable instead of integrated. The muzzle brake can be removed from the mod and used on its own. Since it's a pepper pot design you can just screw it on without having to ensure its one way up or down. I haven't seen that on any mod before never mind a titanium one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    Wrong side of the pond though........ Not much use to us lot......
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Hi Marcbo, thanks for the update but as deerstalker 308 says, we can't get our hands on any of that kit on this side of the world. The level of choice or innovation over here has been limited for years and any new entrant into the market should be welcomed especially when there's competition on price. I have wanted a lightweight durable mod for a long time and didn't want to feel that I was being shafted on price because there was no other alternative. Well now there is and the extra benefit is that there is no shortcut on quality or build. I know that my RFD would post to UK RFDs if there was a market and so feel free to PM me and I'll point anyone in the right direction.

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